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Tuesday, June 30 2015 — 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Fifth Tuesday – Chip-In for Pizza and perform light building maintenance. Casual dress. Bring some cleaning tools, rags, and supplies. Come to Lodge for fellowship and pride in our Lodge! Big turnout is needed. Y’all come!!

The Fraternity GROWS again on Tuesday night, June 23, 2015 when TWO Master Mason Degrees will be conferred.

After much hard work and study with Masonic Instructor Bro. John Nicoll, Bro. David Chitko of Brotherhood Lodge No. 375 and Bro. Dennis Kerschner of Siloam Lodge No. 399 will be passed to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason at Brotherhood Lodge, 13402 Montour Street, Spring Hill, Florida 34613, during a Stated Brotherhood Lodge meeting beginning at 7:30 PM.  Please attend to fill the sideline seats or to a take a Chair, and welcome the two new additions to our ranks as Master Masons.  A hot and delicious dinner will be available before the meeting beginning at at 6:00 PM. 




It is very close to the time when those that have not paid their 2015 Dues and received their Paid Dues Card from the Lodge Secretary WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE MASONIC ROLLS. If you are a Perpetual Member, this does not apply to you.

If you have ANY question about your dues status, please contact the Lodge Secretary immediately!

At a Stated Meeting at Brotherhood Lodge No. 375 on Tuesday night, May 12th, 2015, Brother William Carman’s long service to the Fraternity was recognized by the Craft. Bill was awarded a beautifully framed Fifty-Five Year certificate and Fifty-Five Year Masonic lapel pin recognizing his service to Freemasonry and Brotherhood Lodge No. 375. The awards were presented by W:. Mike Greene, W:. Wayne Heavens, and W:. Walt Wheeler, all past Worshipful Masters during the time that Bill held elected Lodge offices. Over the years, Bill has been Lodge Secretary and Lodge Treasurer, has coordinated the monthly Masonic Luncheon Club held at the Lodge, and continues to serve as a loyal and faithful Brother.

Congratulations Brother Bill Carman!

Brotherhood Lodge’s 5th Tuesday night tradition of Dining Out continued on March 31st at Buffet City restaurant on Cortez Blvd (SR50), with ten adults and four children in attendance. Thanks to previous planning by the Lodge Secretary, we were ushered into a private and very comfortable back dining room just off the main dining room. We were arranged at one long table, and the conversation covered many interesting topics – none of which were political or current events. Because of this, conversation was plentiful and relaxing. Even the children cooperated by keeping their playing to a dull roar. There seemed to be no winners in the beanbag toss using sugar packets, but they all seemed to enjoy themselves, as did all the adults. It felt like a family dinner with friends!! Great FELLOWSHIP and friendship.

Let’s be brief about the real reason we were there: TO EAT! LOTS of good food of all varieties including: Fresh lettuce and greens salad with various dressings and toppings; several piping-hot soups; Korean Kimche; seaweed; oysters; peel and eat shrimp; steak, chicken, pork, and fresh vegetables of all kinds raw or cooked to order on the hibachi (by an excellent chef) topped with fresh spices as you like it; pepperoni pizza; fried chicken, pork, and beef in several savory sauces; lo-mein noodles; deep fried scallops and other sea food; soft sweet rolls, thick-cut french fries and onion rings; spring rolls and egg rolls, just to name a few entrees. Deserts included: fresh and canned fruit; jello (there’s always room for…); rice pudding; bread pudding; vanilla and chocolate pudding; soft serve ice cream; cookies, cakes, mini-cannolis; and on and on. If you left there hungry, it was your own fault.

If you missed this fun event, be prepared to attend the next one, scheduled for Tuesday evening June 30 at a location to be determined. All Masons from all Lodges, their family, and friends are invited to attend. Please bring a potential Mason as a guest if possible. Watch this site for announcement of the next location we will be visiting. And if you have a suggestion for a location, please contact the Lodge Secretary.

Free Masonry = Fellowship            TNT  L7  (Don’t know what that means? Ask Bro. Ray next time you see him.)


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Update 2/28/2015 Updated the officer list and squashed a couple bugs. Thanks!

W.: Michael Greene
Webmaster, Brotherhood No. 375

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Past Masters

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Brotherhood Lodge No. 375 Installation a BIG SUCCESS

January 31, 2015:

The food: GREAT as always. Thanks to Greg and Carol Wagner who prepared a most delicious dinner of: Tossed salad with Italian Dressing; Home-Made Meatloaf with their delicious secret tomato sauce; smooth and creamy mashed potatoes with beef gravy; tasty green beans; warm rolls and butter; coffee and sweet or plain iced tea.

After a very social dinner with lots of conversation, all present retired to the Lodge Room.
Introduction of the Installation Team and distinguished visitors was offered by R.W. Robert ‘Slim’ Owen, who provided a brief explanation of the event to the assembled members and guests.

Then the Installation Team went to work, as practiced and polished as always, and Brotherhood Lodge No. 375 appreciates their proficiency. The Team: Installing Officer: R.W. Robert Owen; Installing Marshall: W:. Pete Raymond; Installing Chaplain: W:. Lucky Lee; Installing Musician: Bro. Seth Rye (Grand Musician of the Grand Lodge of Florida); Ladies Escort: W:. Ken Curry. What a memorable night thanks to the Team.

Installed Lodge Officers were: Worshipful Master: W:. Gregory Wagner; Senior Warden: Bro. Steve Longarello;
Treasurer: Bro. Ralph Scott; Secretary: Bro. David Millendorf; Senior Deacon: W:. Michael Greene; Junior Deacon: Bro. Edward Nurse; Senior Steward: Bro. John Nicoll; Junior Steward: Bro. Roger Riendeau; Marshall: W:. Wayne Heavens. Three new officers could not be present, and will be installed at a later date.

Upon completion of the ceremonies and closing of the Lodge, dessert was served in the dining room: home baked chocolate cake with vanilla icing. Once again, delicious.

A very enjoyable evening was had by all in attendance, and officers and members of Brotherhood Lodge look forward to an active and enjoyable year in Freemasonry.