Fraternal Greetings

Welcome to the new home page for

Brotherhood Lodge No. 375

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Fellow Craft Degree

Thank you brothers for visiting us this evening and helping Brotherhood put on an excellent Fellow Craft degree for Brother Roger. Excellent meatloaf meal prepared by Worshipful Greg this evening.

New Site Design

I want to thank the craft for bearing with us as I transitioned the site over to WordPress. This will allow for a much greater ease of adding information to the site and keeping everyone up to date on all of our activities. I apologize as the old site was in the stone ages for functionality, and in turn was not receiving updates because of the unnecessary complexity of the old interface. Posting new content should be a breeze now.

As always, don’t forget to check the calendar for the latest events, and thanks Brother Millendorf for constantly keeping our calendar updated. I’ll show you how to use this WordPress thing in no time Dave in case you want to make updates here too.

-W:. Michael Greene